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New batches from
24th Jan 2022

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New batches from
24th Jan 2022

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Best Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Ganganagar
About Webtechnomics
  • Webtechnomics is an 8-Year-Old leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan.
  • We are working with 100+ clients in India & Abroad and provide diploma certification to 300+ students in Digital Marketing.
  • With a team of experienced marketing experts, we have proven and tested frameworks with which we provide results to our clients.

Learning Curriculum

We offer a Digital Marketing course that is designed to deliver the best practices of digital marketing.
Our trainers are skilled and experienced professionals and provide you the most relevant information to make your learning experience enriching.

Module 1- Fundamentals of Marketing

A strong understanding of the fundamentals is required, be it digital marketing or anything new you learn. All the fundamentals of digital marketing will be covered in this module of our online digital marketing course. 

  • Understand the role of digital with respect to traditional marketing media mix strategies.
  • Understand customer decision journeys, customer personas, and audience tribes.
  • Develop a digital vision and goal for you by learning about the new digital marketing framework.
  • Evolving a balanced digital communication strategy between traditional and digital media.
  • Advertising Promotions in the Digital Age.
Module 2- Website Development

You can now develop a website without having to code. Well, wordpress is the key. 

We will help you to develop your website in wordpress with our in-depth knowledge of customizing themes and plugins.

  • To choose your domain name and why it is important.
  • How to choose the right hosting service for your website.
  • How to install a wordpress without the help of any web developer.
  • How to create any kind of website without having any knowlege of coding.
  • To Customize your website using free or paid themes.
  • How to publish your 1st blog post with the best SEO techniques of 2021.
  • How to setup any payment gateway for ecommerce website.
Module 3- Graphic Designing


  • Graphic Designing Basics
  • Typography Basics

Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Basic shapes
  • Edit model shoot pics
  • Edit jewellery
  • Cut PNG
  • Editing photos 
  • Social media posts
  • Theme Design for Instagram
  • Story Ads
  • Logo Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Personal Branding
Module 4- Content Marketing

Content is king, and content writing is a primary and indispensable entity of digital marketing. With relatable content and actionable CTAs, businesses can leverage great leads with high conversion rates. In this module, you will learn: 

  • What is Content Writing, and how does it contribute to your website?
  • What is SEO-based content writing?
  • Content Research and Planning
  • Keyword research and its density
  • How to insert the right keywords at the right places in your content
  • Discovering your niche
  • Understanding various online content tools
  • What is Plagiarism, and ways to avoid it
  • Google My Business
  • Building a strong social media presence
  • Using various social media tools
  • Monetizing your writing
Module 5- Search Engine Optimisation

Learn how to get your website on the map! Learn the basics of optimization and search engine procedures. By the end of this module you will have a good understanding of how SEO (search engine optimization) works, and how you can utilize it to drive traffic to your website with minimal difficulty.

  • Get to know the basics of SEO.
  •  Learn how to conduct a technical SEO audit.
  •  Learn to optimize your own content.
  • Get to know crucial SEO tools and techniques.
  • Become skilled at marking up your content with structured data so it can extract entities.
  • Be able to decide on the right domain strategy, URL structure, content & keywords while working across multiple countries.
  • Learn Link Building Strategies and get backlinks with over 30+ DA sites without paying.
Module 6- Facebook & Instagram Ads

We provide step-by-step approach to creating, testing and scaling your Facebook ads. It enables anyone – regardless of experience or budget – to take action on Facebook ads. It’s an award-winning, scientifically proven strategy that will help you align your message from the very get go and shows you how to run highly targeted campaigns while efficiently increasing conversions while reducing costs.

  • How Do Facebook Ads Work and Introduction to Facebook Ads manager

  • Ad Account Basics And Setup

  • Pixel and Tracking Setup

  • Creating High Quality Audiences

  • Facebook Ad Resources and Terms

  • Prep And Launch Your First Campaign – Setup & Research

  • Ways to create a Campaign without Website or Funnel

  • Instagram Story Ads
  • How to create Retargeting Ads
Module 7- Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Followers Strategy
  • Organic Content Strategy
  • Instagram Hashtag Strategy
  • Create Engaging + Converting Instagram Stories and Story Ads
    Instagram Growth
  • Ads Setup and Management
  • Instagram Reels
Module 8- Sales Funnel

Digital marketers should learn to build scalable sales funnels that turn inactive visitors into paying clients. We have a specific module at Webtechnomics where you will learn how to master the art of the sales funnel.

  • Types of funnels
  • Funnel Flowchart for every kind of funnel
  • When to use what funnel typically
  • Offer Creation For Clients
  • Anatomy of a High Converting Funnel
  • Funnel Hacking For Inspiration and Competitive Research
Module 9- Video Editing

In this module we will provide you video editing tools from which you can edit any kind of videos, make trending reels and much more.

New batches from
24th Jan 2022

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Student Voices

We are the best in the industry to undertake the Digital Marketing training program, and here we have our alumni and their verdict on the classroom teaching what they loved dearly

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60 Days Content Calendar

This calendar will help you to design content for your clients with different ideas easily. 

Content Writing

This tool will help you to write copyrighted content in just a minutes even if you are not professioanl in English.

Facebook Ad Headlines Cheatsheet

A list of 100 Killer Facebook Ad Headlines that you can model upon to improve your ad clicks.

Premium WordPress Themes

Get 5 Premium wordpress themes for free which you can use to design website for your clients.

Get Client Module

This module will help you to get International as well as Indian Clients while working from home online.

Commonly asked FAQs by Students
What Qualification is required to join Digital Marketing Course?

There is no specific qualification required for Digital Marketing course. But, 10th or 12th is considered to be minimum qualification for the candidates who want to make their career in Digital Marketing.

What are different Career Specialization Courses in Digital Marketing?

Following are the different Career Specialization Courses available in Digital Marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course
  • Content Marketing Course
  • Email Marketing Course
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course
  • Ads Mastery
Where can I learn Digital Marketing Course?

Both online and offline Digital Marketing Courses are available. But we are advising you to join Offline Digital Marketing Training to learn the concept thoroughly.

At which designation can i see myself after completing the Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing has different career specialization courses. Every course has its unique features.

Your designation will depend on which module you will gurantee results to your clients.

Will any certification available for this course?

Definitely, like all other courses Digital Marketing Course also have certification. Digital Marketing Course Certificate has more value in the market.

Candidates those who complete Digital Marketing Course can get Digital Marketing Diploma Certification from us.

Do i get a job after completing this course?

Yes, you will definitely get the job after this course but you need to be professional in any of the module or you can also start your career as a freelancer in Digital Marketing.

New batches from
24th Jan 2022

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